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  • Consultants are not useful in solving business problems.

    • Consultants have structured analytical approach to analyse and solve problems. In their education, all they do is solve actual real-life business cases and that’s how they learn.

  • You don’t have experience of our industry - how can you help us?

    • Two people come together when there’s a synergy. If you and us both bring the same thing - industrial expertise on the table, its a bad match - thus, it is essential.

  • We don’t have any issues - we’re doing great.

    • Well, the same was thought by Nokia, Yahoo and many others. Consulting is not always problem-solving but a more pro-active approach towards growth.

  • Consultants are expensive.

    • The median (average) salary of IIM-A graduate in 2017 was Rs. 44 lacs.​ You are getting a similar resource at a fixed cost of almost 15 - 25 % of the same. Our variable charges are defined by you. 

  • Consultants tell us the problems and solutions we already know.

    • Then why your problem is still unsolved?

    • Consultants are like smart mirror - they help you see what is good, what can be better and also help you visualise if the change you’re about to do will help or not, also suggesting what changes you should do.

  • Why don’t you guarantee success?

    • Because we can’t. We aren’t the captain of the ship, we are more like Google Maps who can show you the way to your destination, we will be with you along the journey but you have to drive the vehicle. We can re-route you when you go off track !

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